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I found this little thing that is pretty cool from the best web sight Celebrity Sightings. Check it out!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on TV?

Did you ever wish that you could spend a whole day with one of your Favorite celebrities?

We thought you might say yes, so Celebrity Sightings is pleased to present " A Day in the Life With Andrew Keegan"

The night before I fall asleep watching my favorite talk show host Jerry Springer.

6:00 am - I wake up and take a 20-25 minute shower. I even try to catch up on a little sleep while I am in the shower. (wink).

7:00 am - I start getting dreswsed, pick an outfit out for the day. I like to watch "Good Morning America" on TV and then I'll fix my hair, brush my teeth, and grab a cup of coffeeand a bagel on the way to school.

8:00 am - School is starting andas usual I am 8 minutes late because I have to go across the street and get my doughnut and chocolate milk!

9:00 am - I have jsut finished an English class and I am about to start physics.

10:00 am - We get a break at 10:00 am and I dash back across the street to stock up on more sugar so I can keep going.

11:00 am - Well, here it goes - It's Algebra until 11:15, then History until 12:00 and finally from 12:00-1:00 I will bwe studing Spanish. Phwew...what a day!

1:00 pm - At around 1:00 pm I get ready to leave schooland start the other part of my day.

2:00 pm - I have a commercial audition at 2:15 pm and then I head to my homewhere I live with my Mom and my little brother Casey.

2:30 pm - When I arrive home I just hang out in my room, watch some TV and get through any chores that need to be done.

3:00 pm - Study Time....homework!

4:00 pm - I page Kai my main homeboy, and he comes over and we decide to wash our carsin my frount yard. At the moment I have a Honda Prelude but I would love to get a Porsche sometime next year. Casey, my little brother, comes home as usual we start wrestling and messing around. Kai beats him up but we are all just goofing around.

5:00 pm - About this time I jump on the phone and set up dinner and a movie with some good friends.

6:00 pm - We got to Louise's restaurant in LA. I meet up with my good buddies L.B, Tyrone, Nicole and some others. After eating some great Italian food we talk about what movie to see. The show starts at 7:30 pm so we all go to the local AMC and check out the film.

7:30 pm - Finally we decide to to go see "William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet" which stars Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio. Although the film pretty good and it looked great, I wasn't as impressed as I had hoped. On a scale from 1-10 I'd give it a 7 or 8.

9:00 pm - After the movie we cruise over to a coffee bar and chill for a whilejust talking and hanging out.

10:00 pm - Arrived back at hometo make sure that I have everything ready for school tommorrow. I make a few telephone calls, feed my iguana some vegetables and catch up with any additional homework that needs to be done.

11:00 pm - Finally I take a few minutes of Jerry Spronger and then tumble into bed and fall asleep. Today was fun, and I just can't wait to see what tommorrow might bring.

12:00 pm - End of another perfect day in the life with Andrew Keegan.

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